Individual Therapeutic

Yoga Sessions

Private Instruction allows us as Therapeutic Yoga instructors to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, which will then allow us to plan specifically for your needs.

The practise is tailored to your individual needs and includes one to four techniques each, with three functions in order to maximize efficiency. Time and space to practise and other lifestyle issues are taken into consideration when designing a practise for you.

Therapeutic tools may include:


  • diet & lifestyle recommendations

  • conscious and mindful breathing

  • diaphragmatic breathing

  • breath counting

  • appropriately sequenced and individualized physical movements

  • meditative practice

  • Hand mudras (gestures)

  • visualization

  • sound and mantra

  • restorative Yoga

  • guided relaxation & Yoga Nidra … and more.

Initial Consultation includes:

● Intake:

Inquiring and assessing health history, body constitution, current treatments, current physical, mental and

emotional condition, and health and wellness goals.

● Yoga Practice:

Is tailored to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life


● Session:

Each session is one hour long, for 8 consecutive sessions. Depending on your needs, follow up sessions may be necessary in order to revise and update your personal practice. As you change, so must the practice.

We teach Yoga as a complementary system of health, not an alternative one. It supports and works in conjunction with your normal medical treatments, and we ask you to continue your personal health routine as suggested by your doctor or medical professional.

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