Thandi Vertical in Oak Creek, meditating at sunrise


"Thandi is a pioneer in the field of Tantra (energy healing). I first met Thandi through a yoga class in London Ontario. Since then she has helped me transform areas of my life to a peaceful state of being.


She has the ability to connect to the source of emotional trauma and treating it with such care that it heals old emotional scars by doing the work from within. I am grateful for having had the experience to work with her passion through mindful self care."  Victoria Alexandra Parker

"I met Thandi about 8 years ago. At that time, I couldn't touch my toes or sit cross legged on the floor for more than a minute. We practised Therapeutic Yoga together for over two years and through her teachings I gained more than just flexibility, I gained confidence,  a new understanding and appreciation for my own body. Her intuition is something to behold.


I have never met anyone who could read and understand the inner workings like Thandi. We worked on spiritual awareness during our sessions and also in strengthening every part of the body.


Yoga is not a quick fix but I firmly believe, if practised daily, the benefits are quite amazing. The way in which Thandi teaches and guides leaves you feeling empowered, safe and incredibly strong. The journey we travelled changed my life". Kate Clegg

"My time on my mat has made my time off the mat easier-   I have more focus and energy to do my day to day tasks. The breathing techniques Thandi has helped me with mostly calm my anxiety, although I use conscious breathing in many areas of my life. Like in transitions from sitting to standing, steading my gait when walking on uneven surfaces, word finding, and during my physiotherapy routine" Steve S.