Therapeutic Yoga VIRTUAL Sessions

1 hr. assessment  $44

A whole body practice is created for you after a detailed assessment, acknowledging your body's constitution, age, and imbalances.  Your whole body practice of 8 sessions are one hour in length for $160



30 mins. / $10.00

Series of 8 or 12 classes.

Using breath work as an adjunct treatment within a clinical context. This practice aids students in regaining comfort, calm, focus, and increased self awareness...




A 6 week course for women. Consultation $85


Are  you ready to orgasm, when you want ? For as long as you want and master each stage of arousal? Do you want to take your self-pleasure deeper? Learn how to weave the subtle energy body with your Yoni's cues? Understand how to integrate your Ayurvedic constitution with your sensuality. Become more intimate with your senses. 


Thandi Van Wulven

The Coves

London, Ontario


Tel: 519.697.4176

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