Therapeutic Yoga individual Sessions

1 hrs. / $110.00

A whole body practice is created for you after a detailed assessment, acknowledging your body's constitution, age, and imbalances.  Your detailed individual 12 session plan is developed. Follow up sessions $85



30 mins. / $20.00 per class

Series of 8 or 12 classes.

Using breath work as an adjunct treatment within a clinical context. This practice aids students in regaining comfort, calm, focus, and increased self awareness...


Embrace Your Bliss


A 6 week course for women. Consultations starting at $85 per hour.


Tap in to the power of Shakti through self love, inner knowing, self-care plan, connecting rituals, self- pleasure techniques, and empowered union within to your true self who is a powerful, sensual goddess.


Thandi Van Wulven

The Coves

London, Ontario


Tel: 519.697.4176

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