Therapeutic Yoga Initial Session

1 hr / $110.00

A whole body practice is created for you after a detailed assessment, acknowledging your body's constitution, age, and and imbalances.  Your detailed individual 12 session plan is developed. Follow up sessions $85

Goddess Series

1 hr 30 min / $220.00

Small group classes of up to four women with the intention of inner transformation, through the power of the root chakra. Using pranayama breathwork, mantra chanting, mudra hand gestures, asana, movement and meditation. A series of twelve, one hour classes.



1 hr 15 min / $100.00

4 sessions on the journey to reconnect with your inner self through tantric breathing exercises, sacral chakra opening, through movement, yoni/lingam massage training and Tantric ritual. Limit 10 people in the class. Everybody welcome. No Nudity.


Thandi Van Wulven

The Coves

London, Ontario


Tel: 519.697.4176

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