She knows her erotic power, she feels confident in her own skin, she owns her pleasure, she feels connected to her body and yoni power, she is unapologetic!

Do you want to embody your magnetic radiance?

You deserve to understand your own pleasure... and what lights you up!


For years self pleasure has been seen as sinful, as teenagers we were (and still are) taught to be ashamed of our sexual desires. It is something we suppress or do behind closed doors. Guess what .... self pleasure is actually good for us! I know its not easy, many of us experience resistance, resistance about allowing ourselves to touch our bodies and awaken our erotic energy and pleasure. There are a lot of stories that get in the way, maybe even shame.


With focus on the pleasure anatomy of the female body, and an exploration of woman's sexuality, arousal processes and sensual nature, this course combines knowledge of ancient tantric traditions and modern science from recent studies to shed light on how woman's pleasure works. You will discover how feminine and masculine sexuality is similar and different, practical details about  the pleasure anatomy, secrets to unlock woman's orgasmic potential. Learn key elements to being fully present, experiencing more pleasure, we experience deeper pleasure within ourselves which leads to more ease, and mind blowing full body orgasms.

You will be full of self love, confidence and excitement.


Thandi Van Wulven

The Coves

London, Ontario


Tel: 519.697.4176


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