Breath work Classes

 In the comfort of your own home, this practice aims to help you regain comfort in your body, find calm within, increase self awareness, attention span, acceptance and adaptability. Gain more energy in your daily life, become better at managing stress and improve self-regulation becoming happier and more positive.

"[conscious breathing is] an opportunity to relax and reflect. A time where your body doesn't

have to be in full panic mode and can escape the pressures of everyday life." Izzy

Most of us breathe inefficiently. Life is often in the fast lane, and especially when we are stressed, we tend to use only the upper part of our lungs. We forget to breathe deep down into the stomach and thereby lose out on a lot of energy. Only when you become aware of your breathing and how to train it, you will be able to learn to breathe properly. Your body will immediately absorb more oxygen and after a short time, you will have more energy and gain greater mental calmness.

Benefits of a virtual breath-work Class for Participants:

  • it is easier to let go of "stuff" while being home in your safe space

  • there are no strangers (like in a class) to distract you

  • privately learn to tolerate sensation while increasing inner peace

  • increased self-awareness

  • increased attention and ability to focus

  • improve self regulation

  • you don't have to drive after

  • you can remain laying down reaping the benefits for as long as you'd like

When the body absorbs and anticipates uncertainty, we are likely to experience hyper-arousal, hyper vigilance, and an inability to calm. At the same time, the body responds by shuttering or dampening sensation. We avoid stimuli and our body becomes numb. Breath work practice helps us learn to calm our minds and regulate our physical responses and, thus, our emotions. We are able to learn to recognize and tolerate physical sensations and thereby regain a feeling of safety inside our body.

"I feel more mentally flexible, afterwards I feel calm for the rest of the day" Lexie

Breath work has the ability to touch us on every level of our being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—making it a powerful and effective way for us to regain comfort in our body safely, calm our minds, experience emotions directly, and begin to feel a sense of strength and control.

These sessions promote a sense of presence and draws the individual into the present comfortably, encouraging them to recognize different sensations and make peace with their body. Providing tools for the individual to explore where they are the one who is in control.

"It is calming to do, and makes the day better." Kiersten

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